B767-300BDSF Freighter

The newest addition to ATI’s fleet is the longer range medium wide-body 767-300 cargo aircraft. Regardless of the type of cargo, ATI is equipped to deliver to any latitude and longitude across the globe, and we do it around the clock.

Cargo Area

Main Deck

The main deck of the 767-300 Freighter can carry up to 24 pallets, each measuring 88 inches by 125 inches (223.5 cm by 317.5 cm) at the base. Total main deck container volume is 14,500 cubic feet.

Lower Hold

The lower hold of the 767-300 Freighter can accommodate LD8 containers and bulk freight with a total lower hold volume of 4,770 cubic feet.

Maximum Payload

Combined maximum payload capability of the 767-300 Freighter is 19,700 cubic feet.

Data Sheets

  • Main Deck Loading Configurations

    We offer 6 different configurations for loading the main deck.

  • Package Dimensions

    View maximum package lengths (in inches) by width and height.

  • Upper and Lower Deck Configurations

    View ULD layout for each Main Deck and Belly Compartment cargo configuration.